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We at Atlantic Title Agency, Inc. are committed to your success. Our objective is to provide our clients the highest level of service while insuring that every aspect of the transaction is properly researched and all issues are dealt with in a professional manner. We aim to provide our clients with the level of service that they deserve by responding to all their needs and helping them with all their title issues. We at Atlantic Title possess over a hundred years of title industry experience to assist you with your transaction. We have a long-standing relationship with several title insurance underwriters allowing us the ability to facilitate any issues that may arise in a real estate transaction. We look forward to serving your needs and continuing to help you with all your title needs.

“When a problem arose pertaining to an open mortgage, Atlantic Title was there to research it and solve the problem. Exceptional service.”
Andrew R. – Attorney

Our Team

Female Staff member of Atlantic Titles

Terry Cacciopoli
Senior Clearance Officer
914-418-2443 (ext. 122)

Terry is passionate in assisting you with your real estate transaction. Whether commercial or residential, she is there to clear issues and protect your interest. With over twenty five years of industry experience, she brings the expertise to assist in all transactions irrespective of the complexity of the deal.

Female Staff member of Atlantic Titles

Shauna Ramos
Senior Processor and Head Coordinator
914-418-2443 (ext. 133)

Shauna brings a boundless set of knowledge from being involved with real estate transactions from the purchase and banking side. Her ability to follow up and assist in all aspect of the deal, makes for a smooth process from initial application to closing.

Female Staff member of Atlantic Titles

Dawn Morrison
914-418-2443 (ext. 165)

Dawn brings the unique ability to breakdown complex title issues and get them resolved. She brings many years of experience and is relentless at pursuing a file, addressing all issues and clearing all problems.

Male Staff member of Atlantic Titles

Luis Mora
914-418-2443 (ext. 193)

Luis is very knowledgeable about recording documents and customs and practices of various municipalities in the metropolitan area insuring your documents are properly prepared and submitted for recording in a timely and effective manner.

Female Staff member of Atlantic Titles

Cathy Dehmer
914-418-2443 (ext. 194)

Cathy’s demeanor and calmness, in spite of the hectic nature of the industry, provides assurance that all documents and issues post-closing are properly addressed and expedited.

Female Staff member of Atlantic Titles

Anita La Placa
914-418-2443 (ext. 112)

Anita has vast knowledge of all customs and practice in the title industry, having been involved with title transactions for many years.  She is always there to assist in which ever way she can by utilizing her vast knowledge in getting all issues resolved and avoiding any pitfalls.

Male Staff member of Atlantic Titles

Kevin Serra
914-418-2443 (ext. 139)

Kevin is the gate keeper, always there to assist with your closing, providing up to date bills, tax and title continuation searches, and insuring your Alta policies are properly prepared and amended to provide you the correct coverage.

Male Staff member of Atlantic Titles

Mardi R. Merjian Esq.
914-418-2443 (ext. 161)

With the perspective of years of legal experience at prominent New York City firms, Mardi brings the expertise and experience to assist our clients in complex real estate transactions. This experience brings a level of comfort to our commercial clients that their interest are protected to the highest level.

Robert Fonte

Robert Fonte
 914-420-4080 (Direct dial)

Robert coordinates and makes sure your transactions are handled by expert advise and careful detail to all aspects of the transaction. With the assistance of his fabulous staff, they provide a level of service to Atlantic Title clients that is unparalleled in the industry.

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